Sorry, Dane Cook, My Best Friend’s Girl Did Not Fail Because Of The Poster

Last August, Dane Cook took to his MySpace (of course he did!) to register a complaint about the movie poster for his new romantic comedy, My Best Friend’s Girl. As far as Dane was concerned, the movie was basically the most important work of geniuses since the Manhattan Project (it will irradiate you with laughters!), but the main reason that it might fail was not the poverty of its premise, the crudity of its writing, or the bermuda triangle effect that Dane Cook has on laughter (it was never seen again! Do you get it?). According to Dane, the problem was the poster:

Before the downpour let me just say that my new movie, “My Best Friends Girl,” is the best / funniest film I’ve done yet. It’s got a terrific cast. Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs, and myself really kicked the funny around. This movie showcases our talents accordingly as it expands on them. It’s a fun R-rated flick. An edgy comedy with a dash of romance.

That being said, let me address the fact that although I’m not a marketing major, I have a bit of a trusted reputation after 18 years self promoting. I’d like to inform you I had no say in this marketing campaign, but if I did, things would be different since it is obvious that this poster is boring / odd and has zero to do with the movie I performed in.

Fair enough. But the movie ended with a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes (putting it below both Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and George W. Bush in terms of American Approval). Now, an RT rating of 16% would only help to confirm Dane Cook’s original complaint if it was a ranking system for the quality of movie posters, but it’s not, it’s a ranking system for the quality of movies. YIKES!

OK, so the movie did not revolutionize modern warfare or geopolitics (call back to the Manhattan Project, because of how that was a perfect metaphor), but that’s because, as Dane Cook said himself, it had the worst poster.


The website Internet Movie Poster Awards has announced its nominees for this year’s Internet Movie Poster Awards. Some of the best posters of the year include The Dark Knight and Cloverfield and The Wrestler, which is pretty solid as a litmus test because those were very good movie posters. If this was a reality TV show about dating someone’s mom, and the best movie poster nominees were the lie detector test administered to would be suitors in the family garage, contestant IMP Awards would be safe from elimination this week! (Perfect.)

So, who are the worst movie poster of the year nominees?

The Accidental Husband
Bangkok Dangerous
Blonde and Blonder
The Changeling
The Hottie and the Nottie

Uh oh. SURELY THERE HAS BEEN SOME MISTAKE?! You are trying to tell me that the My Best Friend’s Girl poster was simply mediocre? As if somehow the marketing team didn’t create the worst poster so much as a poster that DIRECTLY REFLECTED THE QUALITY OF THE MOVIE IT WAS ADVERTISING? No, yeah, that sounds right.

P.S. For all of you who have been writing in demanding more exhaustive blogging about the My Best Friend’s Girl poster in 2009 now that it is most relevant, YOU’RE WELCOME.