Even The Extras On Bromance Are Sexually Complicated

I didn’t write about Bromance yesterday because we had already talked about the intense and complex homoeroticism of the show, and also asked the important and unanswerable question: “who is this show for?” Now there is nothing to do but watch. And this week’s episode, without any hot tub eliminations or surprise shower parties didn’t open any new avenues of investigation.


A tipster sent us a link yesterday to a post on Socialite Life that revealed that the “biker dude” that the contestants had to fight to demonstrate their ability to “have Brody’s back” was actually a porno star.

Wait, whuuuuuuuuut?

As Socialite Life points out:

On his official website, Brody Jenner recently posted a recap blog of the most recent episode of his reality TV series Bromance. The Brodster described this week’s challenge in which his “bros” fought to see who could (*ahem*) last the longest while competing in the boxing ring against some dude named Mario, described by Jenner as “the Bad Ass Biker Dude.” You know, cause Brody’s all about the fitness.

A commenter on Brody’s website pointed out that this body-slamming “biker dude” is none other than a porn actor, who’s performed in a number of skin-flicks for Reality Kings, going by the exotic stage name of “Reno.”

So, just to clarify what’s happening: Brody has invited a male porno star to battle the contestants in a ring wearing nothing but his jeans, while Brody will stand on the sidelines and watch. The results of these fights will help to determine who Brody will become best platonic boyfriends with forever. That’s not mind-blowingly gay.

Here is the actual scene (minus the fights):

Brody can’t watch The Soup with his bros this week (?!) (#$*&#^$^!). And remember, Brody doesn’t want to see who is the toughest, he’s just testing the boys’ stamina? Classic guy stuff. Personally, I use a spreadsheet and quarterly athletic performance reviews to monitor the stamina of all my guy friends. (YOU BETTER DRUMLINE in Q3, Dan!) We just all get together at a biker bar, and I set out a bunch of vases full of fresh-cut sunflowers, and we wrestle in our jeans to see who is the best at friendship.

This show should be on the Discovery Channel, that is how INFORMATIVE it is.