It’s Life, Jump Into Life: (500) Days Of Summer

(500) Days of Summer trailer, you guys:

I don’t want to talk about how heavy-handed this is. I don’t want to point out the Juno-like hand-drawn graphics, or the Garden State-reminiscent scene on the Zooey Deschanel clone bus. It goes without saying that being in love, even being young and in love, doesn’t involve running through an IKEA, ever. IKEA is a place of sadness. And you don’t need me to tell you that a trailer in which not a single line of dialog is shown, but just a bunch of voiced-over empty aphorisms that are wordplays on the title, which is itself a wordplay on a character in the movie’s name, is a bad sign. Like, real bad. What I want to talk about is the new announcer’s voice. Has anyone heard this guy before? This new “in a world” guy? He’s going to take some getting used to, huh? Huh guys? Guys? Where is everyone? It’s not like there’s anything more important to be thinking about.