SNL: Just The Funny Parts (And Fleet Foxes)

As they say, they can’t all be winners, and after Neil Patrick Harris’s tour de force performance last week, maybe the show is, how do I say this nicely because I certainly don’t make a 90-minute sketch comedy show every week and that must be hard, um, “honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by taking a break from being funny.” Host Rosario Dawson was…pretty, but only one sketch was 100% funny, but there were a few that were funny in parts. But Fleet Foxes were awesome! So here they are with the few funny parts, after the jump.

5. Digital Short: Homies. Okay, so this probably doesn’t belong here, because it’s being universally dissed as a weird-for-the-sake-of-weird cop-out. But just so we can discuss it: what is going on here?:

4. The “Gilly” sketch
was five minutes and thirty-three seconds long. Here were the only funny fourteen seconds:

3. The Dick Cheney/Diane Sawyer interview, in which Diane asks Cheney about his regrets, goes on for five minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Here’s the second, funny/absurd half:

2. Larry The Goose. With everyone else in the country trying to find new ways to make fun of geese last week after they caused a non-deadly, miraculous plane crash, SNL got into the act with an appearance by “Larry The Goose” on Weekend Update. This is worth it just for the Top Gun line:

1. The funny sketch
: Gitmo is going out of business. Everything must go:

The bright spots of this week’s show were the performances by Gummy Award winners Fleet Foxes. Is it just me or did they sound better than any other musical artist in an SNL performance in years? Maybe the show has a new sound guy or something:

Fleet Foxes: “Mykonos”:

Fleet Foxes: “Blue Ridge Mountains”:

And one last fun thing: as he did with Arcade Fire a while ago, The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone did his own little dance to Fleet Foxes rehearsal, much to Bill Hader’s dismay:

In two weeks, exciting news: the host is STEVE MARTIN!