Watch Friday Night Lights Tonight, For Arrested Development’s Sake

The third season of Friday Night Lights premieres tonight on NBC, although the entire season has already run on Direct TV. I’ve seen most of it, and if you are already an FNL fan, SPOILER ALERT this season might be the best yet. Whoops. Sorry to have ruined it all for you. If I could build a time machine, I would go back in time and KILL HITLER, but instead of coming back to the present, I would come back to right before I ever watched season 3 of this show so that I could have the pleasure of watching it again. I don’t know how that would work, actually, because just because you construct a functional time machine doesn’t mean that your memory of great seasons of an underappreciated show about high school football but actually way more than just high school football is suddenly erased. But I’ll leave the details to the scientists. Who will build my time machine FOR me.

In any case, it’s all very exciting. Not that Direct TV didn’t throw a tiny wet blanket on the excitement in today’s AP article about tonight’s premiere:

Neither side will discuss how much DirecTV paid for the first rights to the third season, but Silverman calls it a “real, meaningful partnership” that has given the network “a larger tolerance” for low ratings from the show.

The first half of this experiment over, Shanks says DirecTV is very pleased. DirecTV has other exclusive agreements with several sports leagues, and had been thinking about exclusive entertainment programming, too. They contemplated saving “Arrested Development” when Fox canceled it in 2006.

OK, change of plan. First I’ll kill Hitler. Then I’ll go to the board meeting where they decided not to save Arrested Development when Fox canceled in in 2006. I’ll enter carrying Hitler’s dead body, smoke billowing out around my ankles, and I will drop his corpse on the tray of cheese danish and walk out, but pinned to his blood-stained uniform will be a note that reads “TIME (MACHINE) TO DO THE RIGHT THING.” (What?) And only then will I return to just before I watched season 3 of Friday Night Lights, hit the touching drama memory erase switch, and enjoy it all over again.

9 PM. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t wait.