Songsmith Ruins Classic Songs Really Well

Only a few days into International Make Fun Of Songsmith Week ’09, someone has already taken the trouble to show us, on YouTube, classic songs as interpreted by Microsoft’s much-maligned musak generator. After the jump, Songsmith provides the music it feels in its misguided little robot heart would be the perfect accompaniment to The Police, The Cars, and Oasis.

Wonderwall is techno. Shhhh. It’s techno!:

And get out your Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights shoes for “Roxanne”:

Who knew “Just What I Needed” was such a sad song? I mean, it’s a sad/angry song. But not this sad. (Also, the vocals sound weird to me but I’m told my brain is simply being tricked by Songsmith’s backing track.):

I have a feeling we have not heard the last of Songsmith parodies like this (there are a couple more here). I can’t WAIT to see what Songsmith does to the Sinead version of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” for example.