30 Rock: Salma Hayek Must Go

Well, that was the weakest episode of the season, and I place the blame squarely on Salma Hayek’s lovely but miscast shoulders (She even seems to throw Alec Baldwin off his game! Probably because he can’t understand a word she says, either. She’s on TV. She can afford a coach.) In a plot that seemed like one too many writer’s strike satires, Liz Lemon misses her vacation in “Saint Bartleby’s” because she refuses to be elitist and get a flu shot when there aren’t enough shots for members of the crew (though she eventually gives in.) But there were a few funny parts, including the triumphant return of Dr. Specimen SPACEMAN, and Tracy Jordan’s shopping “montage.” Both are after the jump.

Chris Parnell is back as Dr. Specimen SPACEMAN, Jesus, and the jokes in this scene are hilariously vaudevillian or something:

The shopping montage that wasn’t:

(I love how “Sharp Dressed Man” is just short enough that the show doesn’t have to pay a license fee.) Next week: hopefully Jack will break up with Salma’s character and we can go back to the show’s usual pileup of jokes that need no laugh track.