Liveblogging This Poster For Benjamin Button

I know that Benjamin Button has been out for almost a month now. All the SNOOZE that’s fit to print. Not that I’ve actually seen the movie. No time! These videos of teenagers setting off firecrackers in their butts aren’t going to write lame commentary on their own! But I had never seen this poster before, had you? It’s pure LOL. Here were my thoughts while I was looking at it:

:01 I didn’t know Maya Angelou was in Benjamin Button
:14 Wait, Benjamin Button ages in reverse, right? So this is actually a picture of Maya Angelou holding an elderly Benjamin Button?
:32 So where’s Cate Blanchett then?
:53 that was Cate Blanchett telling Maya Angelou to put down her man

Perfect. If you liked that (you didn’t like that), you’re going to LOVE my take on the Italian poster for Cruel Intentions. Basta!