Steve Perry Is Less Of A Dick Than Steve Spielberg

Even though it’s really old news, I can’t help but remain consistently fascinated by the group of childhood friends who made a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The film, as you probably know by now, because seriously, this is like back-when-the-internet-was-in-black-and-white era news, took them seven years to make, and you can see them visibly age as the movie progresses. Due to copyright issues, the film’s release is limited to small-run screenings, moving deliberately from town to town, which ensures that the project will retain its cult status, but is also pretty ridiculous. At this point, a shot-for-shot remake starring CHILDREN is really no threat to the Indiana Jones franchise, and doesn’t take any of that precious, precious caviar-money out of Spielberg’s and Lucas’s solid-gold pockets (lining their trousers made of diamonds). It just feels like the final restrictive throes of an intellectual property system that’s being made increasingly irrelevant by the internet.

But like I said, OLD NEWS. Blog me something I don’t know. The point, though, is that a few childhood friends from Mississippi make pop culture gold and we have to shut the whole thing down, while some kids in Williamsburg with a couple of wigs and a pile of dirty laundry can make a shot-for-shot remake of Journey’s “Separate Ways” video and no one bats an eye.

(via HolyTaco)

This is the sound of settling. (Death Cab for Cutie reference, boss. Does that mean I get a raise?)