The Informers: Get Totally Psyched

The red band trailer for The Informers, you guys:

From the makers of Disaster Movie and Epic Movie comes Bret Easton Ellis Movie! Whatever, I’ll see this, but (at least) two things hint that it might be for unintentional comedy reasons: 1. Kim Basinger’s overacting and 2. The thing where the guy is some kind of emo/goth singer who has a video on TV in the movie. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing (like the video in Music And Lyrics.) But one thing is certain: in 2009, we have wised up, and we all know that LA in the 1980s was not the nihilistic wasteland Bret Easton Ellis wants us to think it was. Also, has he ever met an actual woman? His female characters are these hilarious doomed vapid zombies that never wear clothes and exist solely to give his characters something they’re supposed to want, but don’t (ooooh! deep!) At some point that stops being a metaphor and starts being something wrong with Bret’s brain.