Kids Homoerotically Fuck With The Principal On TV The Darndest Things

This is a clip (via Gawker) from a TruTV (whatever that is) reality show called The Principle’s Office, in which two friends are called into the principal’s office to go over what is and what is not appropriate on the high school dance floor.


The lengths that teenagers will go to pretend that they’re not fucking with you while still fucking with you very hard will never not be funny to me (as long as I don’t actually have to be around these goons). “What if he drops his wallet and I’m just standing behind him stretching” is genius. “What if we’re on the dance floor and he gets really sick all of a sudden with a potentially fatal disease that forces you to get on both knees, and like there’s no time to rush him to the hospital, and it just so happens that the medicine he needs to save him is on my cock, excuse me, sir, male genitalia, and he is getting the medicine but he happens to be getting it in time with the music? BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN DANCING, THOUGH, THAT’S JUST MEDICAL ATTENTION.”

And the non-sequiturial “have fun at dinner” as they walk out just kills me. “Have fun at dinner” is the “fuck you” of 2009. Write it down. These guys need to cut their hair and get a job. Hosting their own show on television.