Dane Cook Appears To Be Putting Himself In Jail, Finally

In May, Comedy Central will be broadcasting a new Dane Cook special about him going back to stand up basics. If it’s anything like this trailer promoting it, which I’m told is the purpose of trailers, it’s going to be the absolute worst.

U.G.H. First of all, there are more than 20 people in that room. That’s the least of this show’s problems, but it’s still a flat-out lie. Second of all, people in the audience aren’t not laughing because they were expecting mainstream jokes, they’re not laughing because they were expecting funny jokes, you pompous, narcissistic fucking idiot who wears a Transformers t-shirt when he’s 36 years old (you Tae Bo Ho), which I know is not a very smart criticism and probably even lessens my integrity in making criticisms but you do dress like a jerk, that’s a fact, and it’s just one of the things that makes you so stupid and terrible even if it sounds petty and small to say it. Shocker.

But we should look at this special as a good thing. It signals the end for this unfunny, Axe-scented, joke-stealing Boregasm. Like the turning of American sentiment against George W. Bush, history will be on the side of the critics. You can only have so many comedic hurricane Katrinas before the American people say “HEY, enough with this guy! He is a garbage President/comedian!”

I’m not saying that this special is the last we will hear from Dane Cook. That’s very unlikely. But if ever there was a star that was on the wane, it is this star, on so much wane.