The First Tumblr Review Of Judd Apatow’s Funny People Is In

An audience member/extra named Lawrence who attended/participated in a comedy show filmed last night for Judd Apatow’s Adam Sandler-starring comedian movie Funny People tried not to break the house rule (“please don’t go home and review the show on the internet like assholes,”) but couldn’t help sharing the following, which I’ve put into the form of blurbs:

“Honestly, everyone was effing hilarious.”

“it was clear that Aziz (Ansari) was the crowd favorite.”

“(Aziz Ansari) plays a comedian named Raaaaaaaandy who is kind of a rock star and is backed up by a dj named Ol’ Young’un.”

“I had to pee the entire time.”

He also mentions that Aziz Ansari has set up a MySpace page for his Funny People character, Raaaaaaaandy (8 a’s), though it hasn’t been updated since mid-December. Can’t wait!