Notes For Nancy Pelosi’s Next YouTube Video

In honor of the House Of Representatives YouTube channel (expected to be the Napster to CSPAN’s music industry) Speaker Nancy Pelosi put up a video, and somebody told her what it should have in it! Cats? Check. Rick Roll? Check. She’s only like a year behind! Run!:

Here’s some unsolicited free consulting for future videos:

1. The cats can’t just be sitting around existing (unless they refuse to get up.) They have to be doing something cute or strange. Throw some diet soda boxes in your office or rent this parrot and see what happens.

2. Nice job with the Rick Roll! But you can’t explain the Rick Roll. Especially not with the words “Wondering why you’re seeing Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” Right Now? Google ‘rick roll’.” That was painful. You just have to let ‘em figure it out.
(Via Buzzfeed.)