Gabe Is On The Internet TV Set With Amy Sedaris

If a magical fairy came down from heaven and asked me to design my favorite TV content, I would say “A documentary about comedy hosted by Paul Rudd.” So I’m 2/3 totally excited about tonight’s premiere of Make ‘Em Laugh: The Funny Business Of America, a 6-part PBS series hosted by Billy Crystal, exploring the history of comedy and probably explaining some jokes, which is fine (who doesn’t love when jokes are explained?) They’d better mention The Aristocrats at some point. In addition to the TV documentary, PBS made a special half-hour online episode hosted by Amy Sedaris and starring our own Gabe Delahaye and too many of Videogum’s favorite comedians and funny writers to mention. It’s called “Teh Internets,” and it’s after teh jump.

I just had a little fantasy about Amy Sedaris saying “We need to burn the internet to the ground” and the other person saying “Haha, where did you get that gem of a sentiment?” and Amy saying “From this funny young man, Gabe, who was in the PBS video with me.” And also the other person is David Letterman, and it happens on his show, and I’m a dork. (The special learning about comedy starts tonight on PBS.)