American Idol: Ryan Seacrest Tries To High-Five A Blind Guy

(A note about American Idol: this kind of shit is the only American Idol shit we’re going to cover. Meaning: “funny shit.” So if you see something, say something.)

Well American Idol premiered last night, and a pretty cool-seeming blind guy made it to the next level! So Ryan Seacrest forgot he was blind and tried to high-five him (via Vulture):

I like how Ryan tries to save himself by pretending he was talking him through the high five all along. According to the New York Times, this season of Idol is going to have “more hope and less humiliation.” A welcome change, as long as it continues to not apply to Ryan Seacrest. Also, it was cool that they opened the show with the Tragic Events Of May 21, 2008. (Never Forget.)