Finally, White People Singing Motown (Wait, What?)

(via Everything Is Terrible)

Lolz. Perfect. These guys are like the Larry Flynts of music. They simply found a need that wasn’t being filled, and they filled that need. Because to be fair, before the Blenders came along, racists had not been able to enjoy Motown.

This seems like it’s just begging for a list of jokes. Like, other things that white people probably think they would do better than black people even though they would obviously do it so much worse and ultimately embarrass everyone. For example:

  • An all-white cast remake of Glory

But I will spare you. The only thing that’s a bigger waste of time than a list of dumb jokes is AN ALL-WHITE SINGING GROUP COVERING MOTOWN CLASSICS. Zing-B-C, easy as Zing-two-three.