How I Met Your Mother: Heidi And Spencer’s Cameo Was About…Poop

How I Met Your Mother fans have run the gamut from “What? Okay, whatever” to “Ugh” about Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Kim Kardashian’s blatant ratings-baiting “guest starring” appearances on the show, which finally aired last night. Well, the whole thing turned out to seem suspiciously like a “Fuck you, CBS executives” from the show’s creator/writers, as the reality stars appeared only and briefly as tabloid magazine covers “come to life” to shame Marshall as he carried the magazines to the bathroom at his office in an episode subplot that introduced “reading a magazine” as a euphemism for going number two. The joke’s on them, kind of!:

Yeah. So anyway, Marshall learns to (erroneously) hold his head high when he walks through his office to the bathroom with a magazine, and Barney is in love with Robin. But we knew that. And will be following it, apparently, for at least the next four and a half years.