Ann Coulter No Match For The Superior Intellect Of The Ladies Of The View

This morning I switched on (yes, “switched on.” I’m 80 and I like to “look at television” in the morning) The View just in time to hear the announcer-guy introduce today’s guest, Ann Coulter, with these exact words:

“Ann Coulter will tell you why she thinks single moms are raising strippers and rapists…and why the media wants to ‘have sex’ with Obama.”

So, I kind of had to tune in, and I wasn’t disappointed. The ladies of The View aren’t a smart bunch, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. This clip is 8 minutes, but time flies when you’re watching Ann Coulter suffer.

I think “Trying not to go off”-Whoopi is my favorite Whoopi. (Video via Cajun Boy.)