Mickey Rourke Thanked His Dogs, But Not The Hollywood Foreign Press

Everyone knows the joke about the curse of Golden Globe winners who forget to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — it’s why almost all of last night’s winners thanked the HFPA right off. It was even a joke on The Simpsons once! But apparently nobody told Mickey Rourke. Shortest comeback ever, or Saved By The Distracting Obscene Hand Gesture? After all, as of this posting, nobody only our friend Rich Four Four (coincidentally! weird!) has mentioned it yet, and it’s an omission that is usually a big deal (especially since, in this case, the actor thanked his deceased dogs, but not the HFPA):

Also, way to go, Darren Aronofsky: now you’re The Guy With The Creepy Moustache Who Gave The Finger On Prime Time TV, instead of The Guy Who Made The Fountain. It all went according to plan. (Well, he also made The Wrestler. I just really hated The Fountain.)