The Golden Globes: Tina Fey Knows About The Internet!

If you missed the Golden Globes, we’ll have more highlights today, but the best (only?) scripted moment had to be Tina Fey’s Best Actress speech, in which she told a bunch of internet commenters to suck it:

As everyone who immediately Googled those names quickly learned, “Dianefan,” “BabsonLacrosse,” and “Cougarletter” are real commenters on the LA Times’ award season blog, The Envelope. Personally, I can’t accept the idea that Tina Fey has the time to sit around reading mean comments about herself: it seems a thousand times more likely that she actually researched her speech before writing it. Because if anyone would do that, it would be Tina Fey. (Unsurprisingly, and have already been snapped up. By a nerd.)