Nothing Says “Top Performance Athlete” Like Lil Wayne

This is an ad for Gatorade? I get that it has the electrolytes that Derek Jeter needs, and I’m even willing to accept that the Jabbawockeez’s need that extra “warrior’s” edge. But who are all these old people? They do not need a sugary sports drink, they need a comfortable chair. This chair has the cushions their butts need. Was Gatorade even invented when most of these grayhairs were at their peak? Do you really need Gatorade when you’re a professional Hooverball champion?

But don’t even GET ME STARTED on the Lil Wayne voice over. Unless they’ve started adding anti-psychotics to Gatorade, I don’t know what good it would do him (A Zinggi). The only person less symbolic of a healthy, aerobic lifestyle is the Crypt Keeper. Eeee-heee-heee-heee-heeeeeeeee.