Duh Aficionado Magazine: Holy Shit, Japanese Culture Is Insane!

I’m not talking about the insane endurance game shows or the vending machines that sell used schoolgirl panties. For one thing, those game shows would be mad popular over here, so we can cut it out with the tittering benignly-xenophobic exoticization of another culture just because it happened to think of amazing television first. And as far as those used schoolgirl panty dispensers, AT LEAST THEY ARE BEING HONEST. America created Two Girls One Cup, and also Goatse, so America can come down off of its ASHAMED HORSE.

That being said, Japanese culture is insane. Not more insane than any other culture. As the above paragraph attempts to prove, we all have our weird shit. But they are insane in the way that their idea of prime time television includes plenty of room for a man in blackface to come out and do his Louis Armstrong impersonation, complete with slapstick Benny Hill-syle acapela trumpet mouth sounds. You know, insane like how that would be/is insane.

(via MalePatternBadAss. Thanks for the tip, Ashley)

To be fair, most used schoolgirl panties that you buy in Japanese vending machines come with a complimentary guide on What Would Be The Most Racist Shit, so it’s not really the dude’s fault. Capitalism.