Don’t Miss Salma Hayek’s Cleavage On 30 Rock Tonight

Who would ever have pegged 30 Rock for the show with the most cleavage this side of that E! show about Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends that I’m too proud to know the title of? The show’s biggest (only?) flaw is the fact that Liz Lemon’s character would never dress that way for work. As pointed out by Golden Fiddle, the best part of this preview of tonight’s episode (more like “the actors talking about tonight’s episode”) is Alec Baldwin’s off-the-cuff Salma Hayek impression:

I disagree with Mr. Fiddle on the subject of guest stars, however. As nice as it is to see Toofer, et al, racking up SAG card points (because that’s how SAG cards work), I’d rather watch Alec Baldwin bounce his giant acting ball off the dog from Frasier than politely endure yet another workplace sandwich rivalry, or whatever. Not that those aren’t also great, they should just be, like, a spinoff.