A National TV Show Has Finally Picked Up On This Whole “Single Ladies” Thing

You guys, remember 2008? That year was nuuuuuuuuts. Oh man, so many great memories. Hey, remember in 2008 when all those people were videotaping themselves dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and posting the videos on YouTube? There was even that Paul Rudd/Justin Timberlake sketch on SNL, which, OK, wasn’t really a commentary on the YouTube phenomenon but it definitely works as an example of just how iconic the “Single Ladies” dance had momentarily become in the constantly changing canon of pop cultural icons. Yeah. Good times.

In the event that you missed this already worn-out trend, you have a bright future in putting together segments for “national TV shows” (whatever the F that means) using Craigslist and a rape email address for all your casting:

This is stupid. First of all, this should really be an ad for people who think they’re better than Shane Mercado, because if they’re not then what’s the point? Second of all, and I know that I say this every time there is a craigslist casting call, but I’m going to keep saying it because if I can change the life of even one child by making sure they don’t get raped in some rape basement by a rapist then it will all be worth it: TV shows do not use generic, anonymous sounding Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL email addresses with the words “entertainment” or “famous” or “TV” in them. Rapists use those to trick people. Into rape.