David Carr Has Vlogged With The Devil In The Pale Moon Light

Every year at this time, David Carr takes some time out of his busy media-business reporting and drug abuse history memoiring to blog for the New York Times about the upcoming Academy Awards under the name “The Carpetbagger.” Now, I haven’t read his book, which got very good reviews this year–although I’m about as interested in people’s memoirs about their troubled pasts as Lindsay is interested in hip hop (Lindsay is really not interested in hip hop)–and I don’t follow media-business because who cares about media-business, so I’m not making any judgment calls on David Carr’s normal day-to-day writing, which by all indications is probably really good. But I am making a judgment call on The Carpetbagger blog, which is that it’s completely unnecessary, overly sycophantic towards Hollywood, and kind of just feels, in general, like a half-thought-out attempt (for example: a seasonal blog?) by the New York Times to tap into online media without really thinking about it too hard.

But whatever. You go, New York Times and David Carr. Maybe when I have a century-and-a-half-old multi-billion dollar publishing empire that sets the standard of journalistic quality I’ll be more forgiving of a dinosaur’s attempts to escape the asteroid.

Although, this year The Carpetbagger has also introduced vlogs, which anyone whose ever seen a vlog could have told them was a mistake. And today’s vlog in particular, in which David Carr puts on a clown mask and does his best (also worst) JOKER IMPRESSION is just no.

He knows people are going to see this, right? Because, if he doesn’t know that people are going to see this, then it’s like, whoops, why were you doing that in the first place, but haha I bet you are embarrassed and have learned your lesson now. But on the other hand if he does know that people are going to see this then: