Letterman Grills Kate Hudson About Anne Hathaway’s Ex-Boyfriend

First off: yes, Kate Hudson acted weird on Letterman last night. She was just very…much…like…a much older crazy lady. With a weird green dress. She kind of reminded me of Augusten Burroughs’ mother in Running With Scissors. But that aside, her interview was extremely boring (skiing, sports, yawn) until she started to talk about her new movie, Bride Wars, which has been riddled by rumors for ages that Hudson and her co-star Anne Hathaway didn’t get along. SURELY David Letterman knew this, so in what is now his continuing quest to never stop bringing up Anne Hathaway’s jailbird ex, he’s moved on from grilling Annie herself to grilling Annie’s (enemy?) co-star. I love how he pretends to bring up the subject “delicately” to a squirmy Kate Hudson, who doesn’t do anything to dispel the feud rumors (“Annie’s a champ!” does not count.)

“I hope I didn’t put you on the spot.” is Dave’s favorite lie these days. (Later, he showed a picture of Kate’s butt, but I swear the above video is more interesting.)