Barack Obama Endorses Peach Cobbler; Haters Freak Out

Somebody found this 2001 video of our future President on a Dinner For Five-type show about restaurants called “Check, Please!” and put it on YouTube. In this episode, Barack orders the Southern Sampler at Dixie Kitchen in Chicago and reminds everyone to save room for the peach cobbler. He doesn’t seem to have changed at all since then:

After the jump, part two of this video (Which has like no views so far? Weird!) where Barack uses his restaurant review appearance to promote small businesses on the South Side of Chicago.

Just a caveat: since the first video was linked on bad websites (like hate sites), the comments aren’t fun to read or even glance at. Who knew something as universally adored as PEACH COBBLER could be controversial to some people? It’s peach cobbler. We all love it. Pick your battles, YouTube-commenters.