There Is No Such Thing As A Funny Prank

When a heckler calls in to a Christian community access talk show and the host can’t hang up the phone, it’s mildly funny for about two seconds, until the heckler just starts saying “faggot” over and over again, and the host tries to cover him up with beach rock and the pain of the next four minutes is basically excruciating. “Enjoy.”

Why does the guy who calls in have to have that stupid fucking heckler/prankster voice? I suppose that to some extent intelligence and heckling/pranks are non-complimentary. Smart people have better things to do. Kind of. Never mind, smart people are equally lame. But it’s a certain kind of stupidity that draws in the heckler/prankster. It’s the stupidity of this man’s voice. It says “hey, do you want to go eat a bunch of Taco Bell and roll all the windows up on your mom’s car and fart in each other’s mouths?” His voice says “if you didn’t want me to draw a dick on your face in permanent marker, you would not have fallen asleep. Well I don’t care if it was six in the morning, rules are rules.”