Let’s Be Nerds And Watch The Story Of India Tonight

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to watch better television, or watch less crap television, yay, me too. And smart people like us can start tonight, with the first two episodes of the BBC’s six-part 2007 series, The Story Of India, which makes its US premiere on PBS at 9pm, and will continue each Monday through January 19. Look, learning is fun!

Here’s a short excerpt from the first episode:

The series, hosted by Michael Wood, was originally part of the series India/Pakistan ’07, but it seems the programmers think Americans can only handle the history of one country at a time or they’ll lose us to Rock Of Love 3, which is probably true. So tonight, in the interest of using my DVR for good instead of evil, I’ll be expanding my mind by eagerly absorbing the amazing, enduring, and beautiful culture that sprang out of the Indus Valley thousands of years ago and changed the world forever. It’s going to be such an odyssey of the mind. I can’t wait! Next stop: Mensa!

And then I’m going to watch the season premiere of The Bachelor.