Friday’s 20/20: The Creepy Lady Variety Show

If you happened to turn on ABC during prime time this past Friday night, you were treated to an episode of 20/20 that amounted to an issue of the Weekly World News come to life (vagina edition.) Correspondent Deborah Roberts (Al Roker’s wife!) intrepidly reported on the following five stories:

1. Women who have orgasms during childbirth.
2. Women who breastfeed their older children.
3. Women who treat lifelike fake newborns like their real babies.
4. Women who have been surrogate mothers zillions of times.
5. And women who insist on giving birth at home (kind of a snooze after the orgasm one.)

After the jump, a whole lot of gross.

Six-year-old Tiernan has teeth, glasses, a school attendance record, and an opinion on which of his mother’s boobs (“nummy-nummies!”) he most enjoys drinking from:

And to paraphrase an Albert Brooks line from Broadcast News: Q: “What do you do when you have an orgasm during childbirth?” A: “Keep it to yourself!”:

That is the most trouble anyone has ever gone to for an orgasm. And let’s bring “Nummy-nummies!” into our vocabularies, asap.