Let’s Go Down To Where Kathy Griffin Works And Slap The Cliches Out Of Her Mouth

Welcome back! Did we miss anything? The only event worth turning on my computer to see last week was Kathy Griffin’s New Year’s Eve slip-up on CNN, in which an innocent conversation with Anderson Cooper about The Real Housewives went awry when, after persistently screaming at unseen, unheard hecklers in a shrill muppet-frog voice, Kathy, thinking she was off-air, yelled “I don’t come down to where you work and slap the dicks out of your mouth!” Lest anyone credit Kathy’s own wit with this classic comedian’s response to hecklers, the video, and the expression’s Mr. Show With Bob And David connection are after the jump.

It was never right that Kathy and Andy were friendly. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s unlikely that we’ll see them oddly paired on CNN again. Justice!:

And because, again, EVERYTHING can be traced back to Mr. Show, here’s the Globo-Chem sketch where a lot of us were first introduced to this now-immortal insult. (At 4:55):

And the lovely sampler illustrating this post is real, and can be found on this art project site, where it was, Nostrodamus-like, posted just two days before Kathy Griffin’s meltdown. Someone should buy it for her.