Videogum’s 50 Most Popular Posts Of 2008

Yesterday, Stereogum posted their 50 Most Discussed Posts Of 2008. We were going to do that too until we realized that ours were all the same kind of post. Yep, Gabe’s brilliant (I’m allowed to say that) Worst Movie Of All Time series! Opinions about the worst movie of all time are like assholes: everyone’s got one. So instead, we got the computer to figure out our top 50 most-viewed posts of 2008. The list is full of surprises (like #1), non-surprises (like Lil’ Bill O’Reilly) and also full of, um, Jason Segel’s penis (twice!), Christina Hendricks’s cleavage, and basically everything we ever put up with the “full frontal nudity” tag. (Ah,The Internet, always with the one-track-mind.) While this list is more of a measure of what the World Wide Web liked than what you guys liked, it’s an entertaining glimpse at the things that easily amused we the people of the internet in the last three quarters of this video-obsessed year: penises, puppies, and lightsabers. Oh my:

50. These Kids Rapping About The Election To T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” Continue To Be The Best
49. Jason Segel’s Penis Is Now Online!
48. Feist Loves Counting, Counting To The Number Four
47. The Best People Of 2008
46. Batman Vs. 9/11
45. The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Boondock Saints
44. There’s A New Live Puppy Feed. Live Puppy Feeds Forever.
43. The Emmys: Christina Hendricks’s Neverending Cleavage
42. You Guys, We Should Drink More Vodka: Part 3
41. That’s Not A Creepy Mask, This Is A Creepy Mask
40. Your Boyfriend Needs A Plus Size Woman (Around The Clock)
39. SNL: Just The Funny Parts: Paul Rudd Naked!
38. Kids Make Electronic Music About UFOs The Darndest Things
37. Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With Bear Gryll’s Family/Flock/Pride/Murder/Whatever
36. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Does Not Have Cancer
35. Seth MacFarlane Is Not Even The Smartest Person In The Jail Where He Belongs
34. What Really Happened To Kevin Arnold After The Wonder Years
33. The Five Most Ridiculous Things About House, M.D.
32. The One Year Anniversary Of The Juno Backlash
31. The Satan’s Alley Trailer From Tropic Thunder
30. Hear That? It’s The Sound Of I’m Going To Watch Amy Poehler’s New Show
29. The 11th Best Lightsaber Mash-Up Of All Time
28. SNL Just The Funny Parts: Yes You Can Say “Jizz” On Television
27. The 8 Best “Drunk Jeff Goldblum” Videos
26. Operation Watch This: The Top 10 Pro Tips From Dr. Steve Brule
25. Who Is Making All These Muppets Videos?
24. “Thriller” Lip Dub Proves French People Have More Fun
23. The Worst People Of 2008
22. The 10 Best Cats Of 2008
21. New Zealand’s Insane “Anti-Baby-Swinging” PSA
20. Jones’s Big Ass Truck Rental And Storage FTMFW
19. Jon Stewart Explains Gay Marriage To Mike Huckabee
18. The Ultimate Argument Settler: The Top 6 Fight Scenes Of The Past 6 Years
17. SNL: Just The Funny Parts: Anne Hathaway Kills
16. Operation Watch This: Curvemaster With John Ennis
15. This Is It: The Sex And The City Movie Spoiled For Real And Completely
14. Accidental Full Frontal Nudity On The Survivor: Gabon Premiere
13. Are You “The N-Word”? Because You’ve Been Running Through This Girl’s Mind All Day
12. NSFW: Name The Upcoming Sarah Palin Porno
11. The Ultimate Argument Settler: The 10 Best Fan Made Hip Hop Videos With Sims Of All Time
10. Kids Impersonate Bill O’Reilly The Darndest Things
09. What Really Happened To Stephen Colbert’s Face
08. Breaking Video: The Simpsons Spoof The Mad Men Intro
07. This Little Girl Will One Day Rule Us All
06. Finally! Jason Segel’s Penis In Full, Glorious Color
05. 1801 Clark Is The Simpsons’s Hometown Of Springfield But For Murder
04. The Ultimate Argument Settler: The 10 Best Lightsaber Mash Ups
03. The Best Viral Videos Of 2008: A Retrospective
02. Norm MacDonald’s Genius Roast Of Bob Saget (The Whole Thing)
01. This Alice In Wonderland Video Deserves To Be Huge Today

That Alice In Wonderland Video deserved to be huge all year, apparently! Happy New Year, everybody, and here’s hoping 2009 brings an embarrassment of videotaped celebrity body part riches. There’s a recession on. We deserve it.