The Best Thing On TV This Year Involved Henry Fonda And Blueberries

You don’t have to be a comedy nerd to know that Norm MacDonald’s roast of Bob Saget was the best non-election-related thing on TV in 2008 (full video at that link.) But even better than the roast, or on equal footing with the roast but off the cuff, was Norm’s reply to Jim Norton (who, if you watched the other comedians’ reactions, you will notice DID NOT GET IT AT ALL), who tried to insult him. I used to have no opinion about Jim Norton, but now I just think of him as that dude who got served:

Can we make this a THING? Like, any time anyone insults anyone else, can they say “Why, I don’t think any person here would not LOVE to watch Henry Fonda pick blueberries!”? No? Well, I tried.