Happy Holidays From Videogum, Like For Real You Guys

The holiday season is upon us, and I’m reminded of this sketch from the awesome UK comedy show That Mitchell And Webb Look, “A Heroin Addict’s Christmas”:

Gabe has gone off to his ice cave thinking place, and I’m headed to my home state of Florida, a fact I only mention because, haha, Florida, right? We’ve planned some fun year-end stuff to go up here that involve good people, bad people, and cats, so check back.

…And if you just happen to take any video of any trampoline accidents or skateboarding dogs or people thinking they got winning lottery tickets for Christmas but really it was a cruel Spencer’s gag gift, send them to us first! Just kidding about the lottery ticket prank. That’s just cruel. (But please keep any and all trampolines under 24 hour surveillance.) Happy holidays and be safe, because you guys are The Best.