Don’t Forget To Eat All The Cake And Drink All The Champagne, You Guys

I am leaving this afternoon to start my holiday celebration early. PEACE OUT. I’d like to say that it’s going to be hard to be away from the internet, but no one likes a liar. It is going to be so easy to be away from the internet.

Lindsay will be here for the next couple of days, holding things down, making sure that any BREAKING box cat news is thoroughly reported before she heads off on her own much-needed and hard-earned vacation. And we have some fun end of year stuff already lined up for the next two weeks to help remind you of what a great time 2008 was. Success! Not to mention a special edition Worst Movie of All Time post about The Family Stone, that I will be ghost-posting from the grave on Monday. The point is, you should probably tell your family that you can’t make it home this year, because you have so much Videogum to read and forward to all your friends. Remember: Videogum makes a great gift! (Videogum makes a terrible gift.)

In the words of Barack Obama, “this has never been about me, this has always been about you.” And as he also said, “ENOUGH!”

See you soon, guys.