The 8 Best “Drunk Jeff Goldblum” Videos

Recently, I was hanging out a a friend’s house when someone mentioned Jeff Goldblum, so I launched into my best “Jeff Goldblum Drunk” impression, based on the totally inspired video meme. And everyone just stared at me! Nobody had seen it! So we spent the next half hour gathered ’round the laptop, clutching our sides and wiping tears as we watched the entire Jeff Goldblum Drunk ouevre on YouTube. Twice. (So this list is clearly needed out there!) The first video in the “Drunk Jeff Goldblum” viral video meme actually reared its awesome head in ’07, but ’08 was truly the year of slowed-down and speeded-up video techniques (See Fred.) And no video thing gave me more pleasure in 2008 than Jeff Goldblum Drunk. After the jump, the top 8 videos (all either 1999 Mac ads or Conan visits, but all totally worth watching.) I just hope Jeff Goldblum loves this joke as much as the rest of us do.

(If you’re unfamiliar with this particular awesomeness, definitely start with #1 and move up.)

8. “There is no step 3!” Worth it for the laugh at the end:

7. Drunk Jeff Goldblum loves pizza:

6. Drunk Jeff Goldblum demonstrates The Heimlich Maneuver to Conan:

5. iMovie: “You can make it real fast — ooooohhhhhhhhh”:

4. Emails: “Hey everybody, I’llllssst email you!”

3. Drunk Jeff Goldblum hates the color beige. “Have they been in thinking jail?”:

2. Jeff Goldblum loves “peach piiie.”:

1. The one that started it all: “Great Stuff!”

Nothing can beat Jeff’s particular cadence and personality for slowed-down celeb videos, but I’d like to see them do “Drunk John Hodgman And Justin Long” Mac ads. Here’s kids on a plane doing an impression of Great Stuff. And there’s at least one other Jeff Goldblum Drunk video out there, but it’s loonng: Jeff Goldblum’s Best Story.