MTV News Names The “Woman Of The Year,” And She Is Ridiculous

I like to think that here at Videogum, we maintain a very healthy and respectful relationship with our readers. We do our best not to pander or condescend to you. Sometimes you agree with us and sometimes you disagree with us, but you can always trust that we will be honest and forthcoming with our opinions on the latest baby panda farting on a roller-coaster videos, and that we encourage the same respectful criticism and debate in the comments section, no matter where you stand on whether or not the baby panda should go to jail for being the worst.

We’re not here to make friends.

So it’s really upsetting to see other media outlets (we’re a media outlet now, I just decided) treating their audience less respectfully. I strongly believe that you should just put out good work and trust that your audience will find it and enjoy it, and that you should refrain from blatantly pandering to people just to juke your stats. It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to cater to, or how broad your appeal, a cheap lie is a cheap lie is a cheap lie. And it’s in that same spirit of incredulous disdain for laziness and dishonesty that I find MTV News’s announcement of their Woman of the Year to be one of the most hilariously inane teen-baiting fake outs that I’ve ever seen.

2008’s Woman of the Year, according to MTV News, is…


I’m sorry, but this is the hackiest, most condescending year end list decision since Time magazine’s December 2006 issue. SINCE TIME MAGAZINE’S DECEMBER 2006 ISSUE!!

Twilight fans. Right. Because they achieved and accomplished so much, and are such inspirations to other women, and because they totally encapsulate the spirit of that one weekend where they went really crazy.

Fuck you, MTV News. You’re an idiot.