Even Letterman Grills Jennifer Aniston About Her Love Life

Jennifer Aniston made a rare appearance on Letterman last night, and the question was: Would the cranky host be nice to her? Well, sort of. Dave wasn’t exactly mean, but it seemed like he did everything he could to make Jen uncomfortable grilling her about her holiday plans, about how many friends she has (?), and dancing around the John Mayer question. Then, in a feat of what seemed like Meryl Streep level acting (in this case, acting cheerful and comfortable), Jen put the tie she wore naked on the cover of GQ on David Letterman’s neck. So that was sexy, or gross, or something:

Part One: He asks her about John Mayer at 6:00

Part Two: “Paul was saying you’ve never felt more comfortable in your body than you do now.” Why would PAUL say that?:

What is this thing now where every interview with a celebrity is 80% focused on the bad parts of being a celebrity? Remember when they used to pretend to be normal? It’s boring. Stop it, David Letterman.