Wait, Are Nerds Unaffected By The Economic Crisis?

Did you know that there are Flux Capacitor replicas that you can buy for 229 dollars? There are. Just in case you have 229 but don’t have the ability to grow up.

Look, it’s no secret that there is some stupid shit out there. Surely this is no more offensive than a Prada toothbrush, or a diamond-studded iPhone warmer. Although, as obnoxious and unnecessary as those two items that totally exist and that I didn’t just make up are, they’d at least serve some nominal purpose. What is this thing supposed to do? It’s not going to make your hair grow back! It’s not going to change what happened at prom 20 years ago! Ugh. This is such a harmless toy that doesn’t hurt anyone, and yet it makes me so mad. It’s not so much that it’s a waste of money, although it is definitely a waste of money, as it is the fact that we all have to do the work of growing up, nerds, so wipe the nostalgia out of your eyes. Your past is not precious.

Whatever. 229 dollar Flux Capacitor replicas, sure. Who am I to judge. You can buy them here.