That’ll Do, Soulja Boy, That’ll Do

Personally, I would argue that it’s Soulja Boy’s aggressive glorification of unrestrained materialism that’s the most damaging to his young fans. That, and videos in which he challenges his friends to drink fatal amounts of Patron for cash (removed by user). But we can talk about that tomorrow, or when Arab dies of alcohol poisoning, whichever comes first. For now, I think we should acknowledge that it’s actually pretty great of him to embrace the responsibility that comes with having people look up to you, even if it’s insane that anyone looks up to you. Despite the fact that everything, including biology, suggests that Soulja Boy is a child, he happened to man up on this one. Nicely played, Soujla Boy.

Now if you could only be as good at music as you are at issuing heartfelt statements of apology to parents!