A Special Awkward Message From The Lady Who Created Airborne

I was catching up on yesterday’s The View last night (it’s better at night), and JUMPED OUT OF MY CHAIR when I saw this commercial by the lady who created the fizzy, falsely-advertised “immune-boosting” tablets known as Airborne. Just watch her squirm as she tries to defend her product with a straight face, and then we’ll get into the at least ten funny things about this commercial:

The first question viewers might have about this commercial is “Why the defensive campaign-style ad when she’s not even running for office?” Well, that was yesterday, and today the news broke that yet another class action lawsuit has been settled against the makers of Airborne for falsely claiming on their packaging to have any health benefits whatsoever, despite what that crazy lady at your office tells you. Other funny things: the fake school setting, the Airborne lady’s resemblance to Molly Shannon and the way that resemblance evokes an SNL parody, the ominous man who walks by at the end (I think he’s supposed to represent germs?), and the way the Airborne lady says smugly “So in October of 2008, I bought it back.” (Subtext: “For one dollar.”) On the one hand, this PR strategy seems insane to normal people with common sense. But on the other, normal people with common sense are not the target audience of The View.