How I Met Your Mother: OMG Is Ted’s Sister The Mother?

No, of course not, that’s a very inside HIMYM joke about how we’re supposed to wonder that every time a new female character is introduced. So this was the Christmas episode, and Ted’s sister came to visit and Barney was really Two And A Half Men-gross about her. Here’s his holiday song, which is such a Two And A Half Men-gross thing that I actually yelled “It’s only 8:30!” at the TV in honor of the former innocence of all the poor children who were watching, but then the end part was moderately amusing, so whatever:

It was actually a pretty good episode, going back, as it did throughout, to the well of making fun of Robin for being Canadian (this time we learned Canadians are afraid of the dark.) Somehow this show is the only show that can get away with the cliche jokes about Canadians. On every other show, movie, or, especially, comedy act, anyone would be embarrassed to still be doing jokes about Canadians. We get it: “Canadian” stands for “Anyone Slightly Different”, because there’s nothing actually wrong with Canadians pretty much ever except for that guy on that bus, and so Canadians are the last people we’re all universally allowed to gently mock, including child molesters, for whom the world, or at least Law And Order: SVU, is gaining a degree of cautious pity. Anyway, the important thing is: HIMYM makes mocking Canada still funny, and also here are some three-years-late and probably already done ideas for other sitcoms with the built-in-mystery that keeps (some of) us watching HIMYM:

How I Got Crabs
How Puke Got On Your Pants (like Lost, this one would have a planned run of only five years.)
How I Met Your Mother (but addressing the viewers, not a character’s future children)

The possibilities are endless. Also, crabs are the go-to STD when you want to make an STD joke but you don’t want to be too offensive or ruin someone’s day, so you choose crabs because they’re basically harmless and easy to get rid of (or so Gabe says). That’s right, this entire blog post has just been coming around to this point: when it comes to Americans and cliche jokes, crabs are the Canada of STDs. And vice versa.