Theater Is Irrelevant

As you may already know, Will Ferrell is working on a one-man Broadway show directed by Adam McKay called You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George W Bush. OK! That sounds like fun. Previews of the show, whatever that means, begin on January 20th at the Cort Theater in New York, and the show opens on February 5th. But basically it opens on January 20th? Theater is weird. I think it’s because it dates back to before the cavemen invented time. Fun Fact: the Cort Theater is where I recently saw a production of a Hitchcock-themed play called The 39 Steps starring CAPTAIN ARCHIBALD FROM GOSSIP GIRL. Jealous? Anyway, the Will Ferrell thing. Funtimes. He even put out a “trailer” for the show today, if that’s what you call a Funny or Die video promoting a Broadway play.

Very niiiiice. There’s just one problem. HBO announced this week that they’ve signed on to produce a live taping of the show for broadcast at some undetermined date in 2009. Obviously that is good news, but what’s the point of going to the show then? You’re going to be sitting in some cramped crushed velour chair built for a Depression-era human being, 500 feet from the stage, craning your neck to peer around some old bluehair theater member with season tickets who doesn’t understand why everyone is laughing at the President.

Look, I’m 49 years old. So while I still love the experience of seeing my favorite performers live–still killing it, Benny!–I also don’t mind seeing my favorite performers from the comfort of my living room. The view is better, and the snacks are freer. And nem tickets is spensive! What HBO should have done was wait until the show had at least STARTED its run before announcing that the whole thing was just going to be on TV. That’s what HBO should have done. Please consider this my resume for President of HBO, Televisiom Executive.

Now, my first order of business as CEO is to set aside 10 front row tickets for Gabriel Delahaye. This play looks great, you dummies! Short Con! Thanks for the tip, Sawyer. See you TV Potatoes later, I have a date with LADY DRAMA.