SPOILER ALERT: More Minutes From The Season Premiere Of Lost

A couple of weeks ago, the creators of Lost asked an intern to put a two minute clip from season 5 on-line as a teaser for the superfans. In it we learned that two SPOILERs come to SPOILER’S house with a court-ordered SPOILER demanding a SPOILER test on baby SPOILER to determine whether she was actually the SPOILER, so she frantically throws everything in a SPOILERcase and they go on the SPOILER. Intriguing!

Today there’s a new clip from the January 21st premiere of Lost Season 5. I posted it after the jump in case anyone wanted to watch the episode in its entirety without knowing which of the loose ends was going to be perpetuated without any hope for a satisfactory conclusion. But as you might be able to tell from the screencap, SPOILER ALERT, Jack shaves his mountain beard omg.

Oh man. I KNEW IT. You heard Ben, we’ll never know what happened to everyone on the island when it disappeared! Oh well. The end. Time for a new show. I wonder what’s in Eli Stone’s hatch? (I don’t wonder what’s in Eli Stone’s hatch.)