Wolverine Pees His Pants

Wolverine: Origins trailer, you guys:

This looks pretty good, and out of all the superhero movies, origin stories are my favorite, plus TIM RIGGINZZZZ, but something has changed. I’ve always enjoyed Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in the previous X-Men movies, even Brett Ratner’s X-Men movie, but it’s hard to take him seriously as an indestructible WMD (Wolverine of Mass Destruction, good thing I built that special display case for my Award For Being The Best Writer) now that I know that all Hugh Jackman does is pee his pants all day. You would think that his adamantium bladder would be easier to control. Wolverzing.

Also, Wolverine should be careful when he has to fight the Level 3 boss from Mike Tyson’s Super Punch Out. The only way to beat him is with the cheat code. Left-down-up-right-a-b-select-PEE-YOUR-PANTS. Hugh Jackman peed his pants.