In Defense Of Stella

Stella is making videos for the internet now. Again.

Obviously, Michael Showalter, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black don’t really need defending. They’re beloved by sweaty, greasy-haired comedy nerds the world over. The live shows! The midnight screenings of Wet Hot American Summer! But even those comedy nerds turned their back on Stella’s Comedy Central show. Even Lindsay, the sweatiest, greasiest-haired comedy nerd there is, if pressed, will admit that she did not really like it!

Well, I did. I’m, like, so cool. I totally buck all the trends. Have you heard of Fleet Foxes? Well I’m already over Fleet Foxes. IMPRESSED? There was something about the fact that Stella so obviously didn’t care what I thought of it that I found appealing. So I’m glad to see them back with their trademark brand of college knock knock humor. Watching a bunch of people work so hard to make each other laugh at the expense of the audience’s patience can really backfire, as it did in the case of Stella’s failed TV show, but it’s also kind of charming, and sometimes even amusing. Amusing!

I rest my case.