Citizen Marketing: Marly & Me

Citizen Marketing is where we catalog our favorite baby-Banksy agit-prop defacements of public advertising campaigns. Please send your own Citizen Marketing to [email protected]. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TUMBLR’D!

You know, sometimes it turns out that the best way to deface a poster ISN’T to draw a mustache and some penises on it. Well, that doesn’t seem accurate. The best way to deface a poster is ALWAYS to draw a mustache and some penises on it. But if you ever find yourself defacing a poster and not being a 12-year-old boy, then it’s possible you’ll turn to the other poster-defacing classic: the SPOILER.

I hate SPOILERS, but I don’t hate this. Poster trolls only seem to spoil terrible movies, so who cares. The best part is imagining some hooligan with permanent marker all over his fingers, sitting in the back of Marley & Me with his hoodie hood pulled up over his head, manically shaking his leg, trying to brainstorm ideas for his next explosive tag. That’s how it works. Whoever wrote this is in a gang. I didn’t make the rules.

[image via holytaco]