“Grandpa, You Could Be My Sweet Daddy Bear”

One of the video memes that went around this year was the “old video from the ’80s that was supposed to be anti-sexual abuse but went way too far and is just incredibly creepy now.” Well, somebody page Virginia Heffernan, who covers internet trends for the New York Times, ’cause we got a big one. There comes a time in every Grandpa-Granddaughter relationship when they need to sit outside and have a chat about “us.” Where is this relationship headed? And what is the granddaughter willing to put on the table in order to go fishing? Warning: this is SO inappropriate for 2008 audiences.

AHHHHHHHHHHH, right? It’s easy to realize that this scene was supposed to be an alarming incident that caused Grandpa to call the police in a TV show or movie, but where is that actress and how messed up in the head must she be now? (Via Fey Friends.)