Corporate Video Leak: Lady Sovereign Smells Pot

Here’s an idea: what with so many people getting laid off lately, there must be a lot of folks out there with:

1. A grudge against their former employer.

2. A video that was made as an inter-office joke and not supposed to ever see the light of day. (Angry former employees of Vh1, MTV, think of all those “talent” outtakes…)

So why not send them to us? We promise to keep your identity secret, and it’s a great way to put the power back into the hands of the production and creative staff who do the real work. First up: Time Warner’s former gaming company, GameTap, tried to film a short promo with the crazy lady known as Lady Sovereign, but couldn’t use any of the footage because she wouldn’t cooperate. So they made this video as a joke amongst themselves, and somebody sent it to us today. I barely know who Lady Sovereign is, but she should be more professional!

Have something like this lying around? Send it to us. We will take your identity to our graves.